About the Book

It’s in Your Hands

Your Steering Wheel Your Choice

At present, we continually pick people up off the rough roads and place them on the smooth ones, thinking that it will make their lives better. But where do we increase our driving skills? The rough roads help us gain resilience and become more emotionally intelligent. Giving the rough roads a definite purpose eliminates judgment, making it essential to travel all roads.

By not allowing ourselves and others to experience the rough roads, we have created a culture where many of us don’t know how to drive on challenging roads, and when left alone, we often crash. Then we blame everyone and everything around us for our loss of control. So who’s taking responsibility?

ER is preventative, not reactive, and is designed to cope with the everyday stressors, not the extremely traumatic ones that are often out of our control. It helps you take responsibility for your everyday thoughts and emotional choices. It enables you to understand that your response to people and circumstances determines which emotional road you drive down and that response is not only in your control, it is your responsibility. ER teaches you to take back that responsibility and regain and maintain control.

ER educates people on how to speak the same emotional language, so together we can learn to self-regulate, embrace responsibility, develop empathy, and practice tolerance. Words have a unique power. This book will teach you how to use them towards positive growth.

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